Most people are unaware of the impact the Norwegian savings banks have had on local communities since 1822. The business modell of sharing of profits has been pivotal in the development of Norway as a nation. Every year Norwegian savings banks and foundations contribute at least 600 million NOK to local start ups, sports, various cultural- and social causes.
Our strategy and approach
Rather than list up all the great projects the savings banks have been involved in for the past 200 years, we decided to tell their story through the stories of the entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who have received funding. People who generously share their personal time and energy, and create value in their local communities. Just as the savings banks and foundations do through sharing its profits for the benefit of society. Because that's what it's ultimately about: you have to share to create value.
How to tell the story in 90 seconds?
The heart of the campaign is a 90 second commercial demonstrating the diversity of the causes that receive support from the savings banks. The film's tagline "Overskudd til å dele" has a double meaning in Norwegian: It means both "Profit to share" and "Personal surplus", combining the contribution of the savings banks and the efforts of the people who use the funding for the good of their community. In the film we show various tableaux of people using their personal surplus to do something good for others: Creating something that benefits the community or to follow their dreams – to bring joy to others. All the tableaux are inspired by actual causes that the Norwegian Savings Banks have supported.
We developed a new visual identity.
Since this was the first time in history that all the Norwegian savings banks spoke with one voice in a joint campaign we needed to create a shared brand with its own visual identity.
Responsive website integrated with social media
We launched the website which works as the hub of the campaign. From this website you can of course watch the film but you can also enjoy all the great individual stories collected from all over the country. But most important: on the website you can apply for funding for your project and business. The website helps you to find your local bank - quick and easy.
We wanted to create a rich universe of stories for the public to explore. To collect these stories we launched an internal campaign that encouraged savings banks all over the country to contribute with stories from their local community – of enthusiasts who generously share their surplus time and energy to create a better society for everyone. Or stories of festivals, business ideas and companies who were brought to life with the help of the savings banks. A few weeks in we had received over a hundred stories. We split the stories into seven different main categories to help visitors easily find what they were most interested in.
For each main category we made a lead story, which were also shared through social media. Simultaneously we started inviting people who have received funds from the savings banks to share their own story, directly on the site. The goal being that it will continue to grow with inspiring stories.
And not to forget the print ads and banners
To draw attention to the uniqueness of the savings banks we also developed three ads with different angles. What they had in common was that they each told the story of how savings banks differ from other banks in how they share their profits for the good of society. In addition we also made several tactical online banners with the message that the savings banks have profit to share and invited people to apply for funds.
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